Light reads

Spotlight: Garance Rousseau
My name is Garance, and I am the founder and principal of Maison Garance, a full-service interior design studio based in Los Angeles. I spend the majority of my time sourcing furniture and special objects from all around the world for my clients. When I'm not doing that, I am probably overseeing a lighting installation or checking on a construction site. So much of my work is hands-on and involves being on-site.
Spotlight: Marty Miller

This week, we paid a home visit to one of our favorite customers, Brooklyn-based actor and comedian Marty Miller, famous online for his candid Instagram personality and sock puppet musical numbers. Ahead of one of Marty’s lovely annual holiday parties, we stopped by his apartment in Bed-Stuy to observe the installation of his new Tulip Shade.

Making the mood right with mood lights

Winter is here — the days are shorter, the sun is a tad more shy, and the tenants of apartment buildings are, well, more in danger of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Having a cozy oasis in times like these could not be more crucial; in fact, without a fluffy nest to curl up inside for these times of hibernation, bad vibes become perilously possible for renters.