Included with your Shade

1x Ceiling Mount

1x Tulip Shade (2x Tulip Shade for Tulip Bunch) 

12x Tape

3x Screws (as needed for textured applications)

For Smooth, Painted Ceilings 

Step 1. Clean the ceiling:

Clean the ceiling surface where the Ceiling Mount will attach with rubbing alcohol. Ensure the surface is completely dry before moving onto the next step.

Step 2. Affix tape to Ceiling Mount:

Start by making 6 pairs of the provided tape by firmly pressing two sides together. Take one pair and remove the backing on one side. Press it onto the Ceiling Mount at one of the 6 the indented locations (the side without the magnets). Repeat this step until all 6 pairs are attached. Next remove the backings on all 6 pairs.

Step 3. Attach Ceiling Mount to ceiling:

Start by centering your Ceiling Mount around your light. Ceiling fixture must be 15” or less in diameter. Once centered, firmly press the Mount onto the ceiling by pressing the grooves underneath the 6 tape locations repeatedly for 30 seconds. 

Step 3. Install the Shade:

Pop in the top ring of your Shade inside the Ceiling Mount and attach to the three magnets, starting with the magnet furthest from you.

Note: To swap the Shade, remove with a gentle tug. Repeat Step 3 to install a new Shade style.

WARNING: Once installed, the Shade should not have direct contact with your existing light fixture. Prolonged direct contact between the fabric Shade and existing light fixture could cause a fire hazard and should be avoided.

Tulip Shades are designed to be easily removed without damage to your ceiling however, in some cases depending on the condition of your ceiling, paint or ceiling material may come off with removal. Typically this can be easily fixed with wall spackle and a quick repaint. This also applies if you use the screws on a textured ceiling for a more permanent install.  

For Textured Ceilings 

If your ceiling is textured, skip step 1 above. Use tape as normal to center your mount, and then use the drywall screws provided to secure to your ceiling.


Wrinkled vs Steamed

Our handsewn shades are shipped flat, meaning when unboxed they will appear wrinkled like a paper lantern, a look we love. If a crisper look is desired, use a garment hand steamer to eliminate wrinkles.


Our 100% cotton Shades can be spot cleaned and deodorized with standard fabric care products. Not machine washable.


Step 1: Grab one side of the ceiling mount and peel the mount from the ceiling allowing the 3 velcro strips to release one by one. Do not pull straight down.

Step 2: Remove the 6 remaining easy-off stretch strips by slowly pulling the tabs along the ceiling at least 15 inches (38 cm) to release.

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