Love your light.

Give your ceiling lights a no-tools-necessary makeover.

The problem

Unattractive and unflattering ceiling lights (or worse - bare bulbs) mean that many people live in very unfortunate lighting conditions. Tranquility is only a shade away.

The solution

Introducing Tulip shades – ingeniously crafted to effortlessly slip over standard ceiling fixtures, even those uninspiring "boob lights." Quick install, quick removal – a perfect fit for renters and subletters alike.

Four people holding different colored ceiling light cover replacements

The promise

Tulip will completely transform your space and how you feel in it by basking it in warm, artful lighting that is ethically made and effortless to install. Your ambiance, upgraded – because you deserve to bask in your light.

Product marketing image depicting different icons for how better lighting can improve your life
no electrician needed

Easy installation.

Scissors on a Nepalese textile

Meet the makers.

Step inside the Nepalese factory that brings our shades to life – because, truthfully, we can't do it without them.


Explore the actions we are taking towards sustainability as a small business.

It started with a boob light.