Yes! Our Shades install with removable tape for smooth ceilings or lightweight screws for textured ceilings (we see you, popcorn ceilings!). We made our Shades renter-friendly on purpose because we believe everyone should have access to beautiful lighting. They are easy to install and remove, so you don’t have to worry about your landlord when it comes time to move. Check out our installation video to see how they work.

Our light shades can work over a wide variety of lighting, including raw bulbs, recessed cans, and any ceiling mounted light fixture that is 15” or less in diameter.

Yes! Our light shades will work over flush mount, can, or recessed ceiling lights in addition to boob lights. They can go over any ceiling light fixture less than 15" in diameter. You can check the dimensions on each product page for more details about each Shade.

You bet. We found the perfect no-mess drywall screws to use for easy install and easy removal. After removal, you just need a little spackle to fill in the 3 small holes. You will need to use the provided screws in addition to the tape. You can see full instructions here.

Yes, you can use our light shades on naked light bulbs! We recommend using an LED bulb that doesn’t get hot, just for safety. Never install our Shades touching a light source.

We know this is a pain point for many, but we haven’t conquered it yet. Stay tuned!

Unfortunately, no. Our Shades work best hanging from a level ceiling.

Yes, gently steaming your Shade can remove any wrinkles that may have developed while shipping.

We sympathize! At this point, our light shades only work on ceilings, but we hope to explore wall lighting in the future because we see the need for this product, too. Stay tuned!

We suggest opting for an LED bulb over an incandescent one primarily due to its lower heat output. For the light temperature, we recommend aiming for 2700 Kelvin. The wattage of the bulb should be chosen based on the desired brightness required for the fixture. Additionally, it's important to ensure that the bulb does not come into direct contact with the fabric shade under any circumstances.


We try our best to ship all packages within 1-3 business days of receipt of the order from our Kansas City, MO warehouse (excluding weekends and holidays).

We absolutely see the need for our products abroad! We don't currently ship outside of the U.S., but have plans to expand internationally later this year. Reach out to us if you’d like to be notified when we launch in your country.


Our Shades are produced in Kathmandu, Nepal by an ethical cut-and-sew contractor with a social mission to empower marginalized and at-risk people and give them a fresh start. Every fabric and textile is ethically sourced from environmentally-conscious suppliers in Nepal, while the manufacturing ethos of “leave no trace” is applied up and down the supply chain. Learn more about our makers and Tulip's partnership with them.

Tulip Shades are made from 100% cotton. Given that Tulips are not mass-produced, please note that materials for different production runs may vary.


Simply pop your Shades off their Ceiling Mounts every once in a while and gently wipe them down with a clean cloth that's been very slightly dampened with water. If there are specific stains you can spot clean with a cleaning solution.


Because we are so new, we are not currently offering trade discounts, but please reach out to us if you are interested in ordering a large quantity.