It started with a boob light.. and a desperate need to cover it up.

Tulip sprouted from an age-old dilemma: why must overhead lighting be so harsh? Our fearless founder Lori was attending a graduation party for a friend’s son, in one of the most dangerous of possible lighting scenarios: a college dorm. The party was puttering — Lori’s old comrade, the all-too-familiar “boob light,” seemed to smirk down at her from overhead, radiating harsh artificial beams of boring. 

Suddenly, she was struck by a thought, and hurtling into a nearby underwear drawer she unearthed a pair of (freshly laundered) red boxer shorts. The moment she pinned this glorious garment over the light — voila — a party was born. Everyone in the room exclaimed their pleasure at the mood shift. 

Lori continued this magnificent makeover across the country, in friend’s homes, at her son Alec’s New York City apartment… And it became inescapably clear: there was a need to dress up boob lights globally. To elevate and transform the spaces of renters everywhere. The boxers remained pinned to the ceiling for years. The boob lights became hidden — though we still love them, since they inspired our groundbreaking new Tulip Shades.

Our resulting line of products reflects our core value: to transform how you feel in your space. We firmly believe that no one — regardless of financial position or handyman know-how — should have to settle for a home with bad overhead lighting. Tulip Shades are thoughtfully designed to be beautiful and effortless to install. Our Shades are crafted with environmental sustainability in mind, so you can focus on enjoying your space. No re-wiring, no power tools, no handyman necessary — though we still think you should get drinks with him.