We believe in science — that climate change is real and that we’re in the midst of a global emergency. That’s why in opening our business we looked for ways to promote sustainability every step of the way. Every vendor, material, and location involved in the distribution of our product was chosen consciously and intentionally. 

We are committed to ecological care all the way down to our shipping process — our boxes are certified sustainable, and our protective bags are biodegradable, to aid in the fight against single-use plastics.

The very premise of our brand also supports sustainability and emphasizes our adaptable design concept: your existing light fixture doesn’t have to end up in a landfill just because it’s getting a cute new outfit. Boob lights and other overheads can remain right where they are as they receive their Tulip makeover, meaning one less piece of plastic getting tossed into a dump.

And of course, our mounts and shades are fully transportable, meaning you can reuse them in any space your life’s adventure may take you to. A single shade and mount could join you across decades, continents, careers, lovers, dreams. 

Sustainability cannot exist without evolution and growth, and these are just the first steps we’re making in our promise to shrink our economic impact. We look forward to implementing more practices to minimize our carbon footprint and put light back into the world in the future.

- The Tulip Team