Spring Collection

To celebrate the budding of a new season, we’re releasing a limited edition bouquet of new Tulip Shades. Be one of only a precious few to pluck yourself new pieces in Blossom, Leaf, and Sunlight hues.

Why Tulip?

Elevate Your Vibe

Cover those outdated 'boob lights,' and infuse your space with fixtures as smart and charming as you. Whether you want cozy or party vibes, our Shades instantly transform your ambiance.

Effortless Installation

No electrician or tools required – the ultimate DIY ceiling light solution. Easily adheres to and removes from your ceiling without any damage. Transforming your space has never been this straightforward.

Thoughtfully Made

Sustainably produced, naturally dyed shades for every lighting lover. Our Shades are meticulously hand-crafted, embodying a timeless design that ensures enduring quality.