Spotlight: Elena Besser

Elena and her Gem

Who are you and what do you do with your days?

Hi, I'm Elena. I am a Chef, TV Host, and founder of @thelineupdinner. I spend my days developing recipes, doing pop-up events and private dinners, creating content, and hosting segments on the Today Show. Every day is different, and that's what makes my job so much fun!

How would you describe your interior style?

This is so tough to pin down because I love a lot of different styles. If I had to say, I would define my interior style as eclectic mid-century modern with traditional french-country flair, layered textures and earth-tones. That sounds so chaotic but it sparks joy.

What are your top three favorite things in your home?

  1. I love my lime washed walls. My friend Lukas Willing of Lucas Willing Studios did a stunning job in my living room and bedroom. The lime wash completely transforms the space adding both textural dimension and visual interest. Plus, it is naturally air purifying, which is very cool.
  1. We have a giant mirror with a big black rattan frame mounted above our dining room table. It is a piece from my husband's family. Its reflection makes the room feel bigger and it also reflects the TV to anyone sitting with their back to the TV. So, if we have friends over to watch a game or awards show, everyone can see the TV :)
  1. Our Sixpenny home Devyn Sofa. We really wanted a couch that we could live in. At first, we were worried because we ordered the sofa without sitting on it first, which is a huge risk, but it is wildly comfortable and fits at least 5 people comfortably. Plus, it is a slipcover couch so we can easily wash the slipcover or even swap it out for another color if we want to change it up.

What is the first thing you notice about a space?

Typically the kitchen. I can't help myself, but it is where everyone ends up spending the most time so it is crucial for it both function well and look beautiful.

Lighting temperature and placement is also massively important to me, it can totally make or break an experience. Ambiance is everything!!

How do you make your friends and family feel at home when they come over?

Oh man, it always involved food and drink! When you come to my house, you can guarantee you'll be well-fed. I want my friends and family to feel like they can unwind, listen to some great music, and eat a fantastic meal. I grew up in a house where my parents always had people over and I want to create that same feeling of comfort for my friends and family too.

If you could peek inside any person's house to see how it's decorated, who would that be and why?

This is such a tough question because there are sooo many homes I'd love to see. I have notifications turned on for Arch Digest's Open Door, so I never miss an opportunity to see homes of all the celebs I love. I know that isn't an exact answer. If I had to pick one person, maybe I'd say Beyonce? I feel like every other major celebrity has no problem showing off their home, yet I have no clue what the inside of Beyonce's house looks like and I am very intrigued.

Do you have any projects you're working on right now that you're excited about? And where can we find you online?

I am so excited about The Lineup Dinner. I founded the lineup to give the cooks behind the scenes at our favorite restaurants the change to step into the spotlight!

The Lineup gives cooks at the most talked about restaurants an opportunity to be executive chef of their very own pop-up restaurant for the night. We reach out to restaurants and have them nominate a talented member of their team. Once nominated, we work with the cooks to actualize their dream restaurant concept, open for one-night-only! The dinners are open to the public and you can find more information and buy tickets to attend a dinner at

You can find me @elenabesser on all social channels :)

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